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Global Art Market Trends

According to The Art Market 2019 - Art Basel & UBS Report, sales in the global art market in 2018 reached $67.4 billion, up to 6% year- on-year, bringing the sector to its second-highest level in 10 years. In this scenario, Post-War and Contemporary art paintings have been one of the fastest-growing segments. The positive trend related to this sector is demonstrated also by auction houses’ sales, where, as mentioned in The Contemporary Art Market Report 2018 – Artprice, in 2018 only, the volume of transactions grew +17% with 66,850 Contemporary lots sold. Moreover, also the online global sales data confirm that the contemporary online art market is one of the most prominent, with 74% of online buyers saying they had purchased a painting online in the last 12 months.

Contemporary Art investment returns

According to The Contemporary Art Market Report 2018 – Artprice, along with Post-War art, Contemporary art is the only creative period that – as a whole – generates a good art investment return in the long term. This is the reason why Collectors tend to buy artworks from contemporary artists, which on average represents 57% of the works in their collection. The volatility in this market makes the current period particularly interesting from a financial perspective, demonstrating that such artworks generate even better returns than Post-War art.

Art & Investment- A Counter Trend Asset

Since January 2000, the price index for Contemporary Art as a whole has increased +88%, compared with +85% for the financial price index. Over 18 years, both the indices have posted roughly equivalent gains of +3.5% per year, on average. However, during the 2008 financial crisis, the art market performed anti-cyclically compared to the financial market, proving to be less volatile and counter trend compared to the majority of investments. So, modern and contemporary art paintings, being an alternative investment, represent an opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio.

Daniel Arango

Daniel Arango (1982) is a Colombian born, American raised artist, who roams the world making work and looking for inspiration. Previously based in New York City, he has been moving nomadically with his studio since 2011.  For Arango’s most recent series, he composed intricate layered digital drawings exploring his environment in relationship to history and contemporary culture. He pulls inspiration from art objects, antiquities and buildings of the world’s great cultural institutions, namely The Metropolitan Museum and The Louvre Museum. For the Hawaiian Series he lived in the Maui jungle for four months harvesting plants and absorbing the exotic environment.  Arango creates images of depth and real beauty through a detailed process of drawing from life, manipulating and playing off the images represented, to printing and applying paint, often painstakingly painted so there is no trace. Arango's family fled Colombia’s civil war when he was three, moving to Miami. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. Training in both interior design and painting influenced his art practice very much. The impact of architectonics is integral to the finished work. Arango creates tight structures within his works to act as a point of departure from which to explore a looser imagining of line and form in the composition, and to liberate the self within a rigid homogenizing society.


Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair, Misc. Press, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles (2016);
EXCHANGE, Your Art, Your Space, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland (2015); 

Daniel Arango vs. Kevin Arnold: Faith as Model,  Able Fine Art, New York (2014);

The Blonde Salad Party, Le Bain, The Standard, New York (2014); 

The 21st Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit, The Watermill Center, Watermill, New York (2014); 

Gallery Nights Season Finale, Katsuya By Stark at SLS Hotel, Miami Beach (2013);

“It’s All About The Kids” Benefiting St. Jude Children’s, JW Marriott Marquis, Miami (2013);

Noches De Galerias, Katsuya By Stark at SLS Hotel, Miami Beach (2013);

Storytellers and Mystics, Art Connects New York, Brooklyn, New York (2013); 

Verge Art Fair,  Ess Callahan Projects Gallery, New York (2012);

COME AND GET IT!,  Hendershot Gallery, New York (2012); 

Petite-Mort- Recollections, forever & today, inc., New York (2011); 

Voyage Issue XXXX Magazine, Big Screen Plaza, New York (2011);

Cocktails At Sunset, Hosted By Steven Klein, Bridgehampton; ACRIA’s Unframed, 23 Third Avenue Penthouse, New York (2011); 

The ART OF LOVE, Milk Gallery, New York (2011); 

New Contemporaries, RISD Museum Gelman Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island (2010);

Whatever Forever, Black Sheep Projects, Providence, Rode Island (2010);

Graduate Thesis Show, Rode Island Convention Center, Providence, Rode Island (2010); 

T-Shirt Collection for Art Basel, The Webster, Miami, Florida (2009);

crit 4, Spencertown Academy Arts Center, Spencertown, New York (2009);

Graduate Painting, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island (2008);

GLAAD OutAuction, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York (2007);

American Slide-All, New York Studio Gallery, New York (2007);
Eric are you there? Solo Exhibition, Ninth Studio, New York (2006);

Art.B.Q, East River Bar, Brooklyn (2006);
Senior Thesis Show, National Arts Club, New York (2005);

SVA Exhibition,  School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York (2003);

SVA Exhibition, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York (2002).

Daniel Arango

The Louvre #14

£ 4.200,00 (+ VAT)


Daniel Arango

The Louvre #15

£ 4.200,00 (+ VAT)

Francesco Irnem

Francesco Irnem (Rome, 1981) lives and works in Rome and New York. His work is developed starting from an investigation on sculpture and painting, focusing on the relationship between natural and artificial space. His artistic production begins with painting interpreted in a traditional way, and defining himself as fascinated by Renaissance and medieval art. The first works are characterized by a strong realism, maintaining at the same time a very conceptual cut, becoming a painting based on the "demagnetization" of the same. Through a process of making videos and distortion of the images with the use of a magnet, the output obtained is a general fragmentation of them, a work that focused on the processes of alteration of information content and digital. Subsequently, his interest shifted on the need of man to adapt to the environment that surrounds him using materials that come from the shipbuilding engineering (cement, resins, and concrete) often represented as invasive structures with respect to space and natural landscape.


Frammentazioni, Villa Blanc, LUISS, Collettivo Curatoriale LUISS Master of ART, Rome (2018); 

Crossbuilding, Galleria Cinquegrana, curated by Francesca Franco, Milan (2017); 

Forever never comes,  Museo Archeologico, curated by Lapo Simeoni, Grosseto (2016); 

Canal 05, curated by Raffaele Gavarro, Bruxelles (2016); 

Questa è solo una promessa di felicità, Anna Marra Contemporanea, curated by Raffaele Gavarro, Rome (2015);

Centro-Periferia Venice Edition, Premio Federculture, Venice (2015);

Cosmogonie, Palazzo Collicola Arte Visiva, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Spoleto (2015); 

Centro, periferie, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (2014);

Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome (2014); 

Epipedon, Co2 Gallery, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Rome (2013); 

Floating architecture, Galleria Valentina Moncada, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Rome (2012);

Un certo sguardo, Galleria Altri lavori in corso, curated by Francesca Franco, Rome (2012); 

Centro periferia, Uffici Federculture, curated by Massimo Scaringella, Rome (2012); 

Deleted Corner, Galleria Altri Lavori in Corso, curated by Francesca FrancoValentina Moncada, Rome (2010); 


Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; 

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle; 

National Portrait Gallery, London; 

Fondazione Aristide Merloni, Rome; 

Grenzen Borders, Deutsches Kulturhaus.


Francesco Irnem


£ 2.700,00 (+ VAT)


Francesco Irnem


£ 2.700,00 (+ VAT)


Francesco Irnem


£ 2.700,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Lapo Simeoni (1979) studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and currently lives and works in Berlin.

Through the use of recycled materials, furnitures, collages, paintings, photography, books and objects, he reconstructs narrations on the relationship between man and consumerism, thanks to an extensive process of transformation of materials, changing their original function. The artist works with images between past and present - photographs of monuments, logos and symbols of consonance, from old magazines, contemporary advertising and ancient artefacts or forgotten household objects. Then, Simeoni alters images and objects found by assembling and deconstructing, to develop a new vision of time and social transformation entirely ascribable to the contemporary.


Diorama / Napoli, Itragallery, Naples (2018);
Forever Never Comes, Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma (Grosseto, Italy) (2017);

Bonelli Lab Gallery, Canneto sull'Oglio Mantova (2017); 

Biennale de La Biche, Guadalupe island (2016);

Albornoz Museum, Narni; Reggia di Caserta (2016); 

Bocs Art, Cosenza (2015); 

The Gras Grows, Basel; The Format Gallery, Milan (2014); 

Kunstverein Kreis Gutersloh (Germany) (2013); 

De Krabbedans exposities, kunstinstuitleen, Eindhoven (Holland) (2012);

Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, Livorno (2012); 

Art Channel Gallery Beijing (China) (2008).

Lapo Simeoni

Annunciazione 3



Lapo Simeoni

Red Skin

£ 1.000,00 (+ VAT)


Lapo Simeoni

Holistic Time

£ 6.000,00 (+ VAT)

Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria (1976) is an artist living and working in Milan (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland). 

Her practice, which includes painting, installations, site specific projects, is related to precarious states of impermanency through which she explores varied experimental creative processes. Her site-specific sculptures and installations often present to the viewer a parallelism between the micro and macro cosmos thus reflecting on systems and processes of interconnectivity.
Her work is represented in collections including the Artphilein Foundation Collection (Switzerland) and in a permanent installation at Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte (Italy). Her previous residencies include also Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, A Coruña, Spain (2017) and V-I-R ViaFarini in residence, Milan (2018).
Laura Santamaria is founder and curator of the collaborative project "Drawings from Lightning", an artist book made of a collection of drawings representing a statement of the artists’ thinking, an expression of an intellectual position which finds in the drawing practice its favourite language.


MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, A Coruña (2018);

Open Studio, Via Farini, Milan (2018);

International Day of Light, Morgue Project Space, Chelsea College, London (2018);

Drawings from Lightning, MADEINBRITALY, London (2017);

Revolve: R, James Hockey and Foyer Galleries, UCA, Farnham (2017);

R:R, Hours Gallery, Bristol (2017); 

The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015); 

Italia Happening, 130 artists' books, Salon Fur Kunstbuch, Wien (2015);  

Praestigium, Contemporary Artists from Italy, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (2015); 

Fondazione Cini, Venice, Room&Book, ICA, London (2015); 

Upward Positive Leaders + Drawings from Lightnings, Kunstverein Neukölln, Kunstraum t27, Berlin (2014); 

Focus On Laura Santamaria, Choisi – one at the time, Lugano (2014); 

MAC Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Lissone (2014); 

Four to the Floor, Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica (2014); 

Trilogie des Loches, Kunstverein Neukölln, Kunstraum t27, Berlin (2012). 

Laura Santamaria

Blue (series of studies of pluto's surface)

£ 1.500,00 (+ VAT)


Laura Santamaria

Green #2 (series of studies of pluto's surface)

£ 1.500,00 (+ VAT)

Diego Miguel Mirabella

Diego Miguel Mirabella (1988) was born in Enna (Italy). 

Lives and works in Bruxelles. Graduated in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. He is the co-founder of Limone space in London. His work is based on a study on poetry and language, in the attempt to translate those one into visual objects. His natural restlessness brings him to realize a heterogeneous body of works, that he organizes into diverse projects. In his artworks objects, sentences, drawings and images are in a continuous tension between hiding and revealing, creating as he says, “the necessary incidents to build a poem”. In many of his projects Mirabella makes use of other people's culture, imaginary and practices in order to push the borders of communication between him and them, creating artworks out of this conflict. 


Salvo me, Rome (2018);

La bocca arsa, l'Ascensore, Palermo (2018);

Prix mediatine, Mediatine, Bruxelles (2018);

Spectrum, Limone space, London (2018);

I shot mercury to make this exhibition, Nir Altman Gallery, Munich (2018);

Radieuse, Italian institute of culture in Bruxelles (2017);

Bodikon, Belmacz Gallery, London (2016);

You are invited. Content-curation/Spambot Aesthetics, Chalton Gallery, London (2016); The Habit of a Foreign Sky, FuturDome, Milan (2016);

Museo delle Palme, Orto botanico, Palermo (2015);

Trincee- lIl mondo in famme e la morte, Galleria La Nuova Pesa, Rome (2015);

10 years 60 th drawings, Fondazione pastificio cerere, Rome (2015);

MilanoRomaTorinoPalermo, Studi, Milano (2015);

Andiamo là, L'a project, Palermo (2014);

The grass grow, Basel (2014);

Art is real, Piazza Pasquino 69, Rome (2014);

Il peso della mia luce, Operativa artecontemporanea, Rome (2013);

Ortica, ex mattatoio, Rome (2013);

In ognuno di noi, Temple university, Rome (2012).



Prix Mediatine - mention - 2018 (BE);

Special prize, Spazio Cima - winner - 2017 (IT);

Premio combat - mention - 2012 (IT);

Factory ( Macro Testaccio) - mention - 2012 (IT);

Special Prize Clima.- Talent prize - 2017 (IT).


Diego Miguel Mirabella

Gracefully falls

£ 3.000,00 (+ VAT)

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