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LTArt is a London-based project aiming at creating new connections between art and finance. The mission is to offer the most advanced service for purchasing high-quality artworks online, through the model of fractional ownership in the form of Art Shares, serving as smart contracts.

We will deduct a fee for each transaction made.

Simply browse our fractional ownership projects and make an online enquiry or contact us to use our bespoke fine art advisory service. We aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours.

LTArt is not an art fund. When someone buys Art Shares on the LTArt platform, they are directly investing in the artwork, not the company, giving them more control over their investment. This is part of our mission to fully democratise art ownership. Once our secondary market, the Art Exchange, will be live, our investors will be able to trade their shares whenever they wish. 

In the case of an art fund, investors are dependent on the company’s timeline. In other words, the artwork gets sold whenever the fund decides that they want to sell without investors having a say. We differentiate ourselves by putting the power in your hands.  

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LTArt does not sell NFTs. NFTs are digital assets. LTArt allows for investment in physical, high-value artworks created by established artists.


We offer high-value artworks, which we have split into a set number of Art Shares, which serve as smart contracts, making them available for co-ownership. Our selection process focuses on high-value artworks by artists belonging to the modern and contemporary history of art. You can find out more about our art selection process here

The prices of our artwork have been set by the professional galleries as well as the artists we work with. If needed, we also obtain third-party valuation from experts in the specific artwork.

The artworks will be securely stored by a third-party guarantor when they are not on display.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is obtained by purchasing a percentage of an artwork through art shares. Through this model, you share ownership of an artwork with other co-owners, benefitting from the temporary holding of an artwork.

An art share is a percentage of a high-value artwork that users will be able to buy and sell online using our fractional ownership service, as well as through the LTArt Art Exchange, once it will be live. Our art shares are in the form of smart contracts associated with NFTs, which function as certificates of ownership, using blockchain technology.

You can become a fractional owner of artwork through our fractional ownership service, which serves as the primary market, or the Art Exchange, which serves as the secondary market.

To find out more about how it works, click here.

Our Fractional Ownership service allows you to purchase a percentage of artwork in the form of art shares, thus obtaining co-ownership of that specific piece. You will be able to select the number of Art Shares you wish to purchase and complete the transaction online using either fiat or cryptocurrency.

Following on from this, the Art Exchange will enable you to not only become a fractional owner of artwork but to also sell your purchased art shares or buy new ones online through a digital platform that reproduces some characteristics of the financial trading system. Users will be able to set bid and offer prices which will be displayed to the LTArt community of art co-owners, while monitoring the performances of their Art Shares from their individual accounts.

Fractional owners will be able to access a temporary holding of the co-owned pieces, split the maintenance costs of the artwork, which will be stored by a third party guarantor, and get possible dividends from the rental of the artwork to museums, other art institutions, and eventually, from the trading system.

Once you have logged into your account, you will see 'Wallet' appear in the main menu. If you click on this, you will be able to view all of the Art Shares you own, along with the digital documentation, which includes the Certificate of Authenticity and Joint Ownership Agreement. Alternatively, you can also select 'Wallet' from the dropdown menu under your username.

Users will receive a digital certificate of fractional ownership, which guarantees the authenticity of the artwork and allows each piece to be easily traceable. Along with it, users will be provided with a joint ownership agreement, regulating all the legal aspects of co-ownership, including LTArt's duties as the custodian and manager of the artwork.

The LTArt team is composed of experts in both art and finance. We collaborate very closely with the hedge fund Redhedge, which is in charge of supporting and supervising the development of the LTArt Art Exchange. We have also partnered with international law firm Withersworldwide, in order to ensure that the regulatory framework and contractual aspects of our fractional ownership model provide the highest level of security and traceability.

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