How it works?

Our mission is to render art ownership as accessible as possible through the application of innovative technology. We do this by offering collectors the possibility to purchase shares of high-value artworks (Art Shares), which can then be traded within our secondary market, the Art Exchange (coming soon).


Browse our portfolio of high-value artworks, purchasable in Art Shares


Select the number of Art Shares you’d like to purchase. This represents the percentage of the artwork you would own.


Once you have completed your purchase, your Art Shares will automatically be added to the wallet attached to your account, from which you can access the Joint Ownership Agreement, which has been created by Withersworldwide and guarantees as well as regulates the fractional ownership of the artwork, and the Certificate of Authenticity.


The artwork will be stored with a guarantor. LTArt manages the insurance and maintenance of the work on behalf of the co-owners, so you can always feel at ease.


Alternatively, as a fractional owner, you can also benefit from temporarily holding the artwork.


Our commitment is to exhibit the artwork through temporary exhibitions and leases, allowing you to benefit from potential dividends

We also offer an offline Fine Art Advisory service, creating bespoke portfolios and exhibitions for private individuals and corporations. Contact our team to find out more.

The Art Selection Process

Our Art Department Team, in collaboration with our advisory partners, continuously analyses art market data and trends, in order to identify artwork that can be classified as safe-haven assets. Once a suitable piece has been found, we settle an agreement with the owner to sell the work in Art Shares on our platform.

At The Forefront Of Digital Change

By partnering with Polygon, an eco-friendly blockchain-scaling Ethereum, we apply cutting-edge technology to the art market.

Our approach to the use of blockchain is quite unique. We create an ERC721 smart contract, before minting the Art Shares. Each Art Share is given an equal value, though it remains uniquely recognisable through the certificate of co-ownership associated with is, which is tracked and secured on the blockchain. Once an Art Share is purchased, it will be safely stored in the user’s wallet, where users are also able to monitor and access their collection, along with the digitalised documentation related to the artwork.

We’ve also work closely with the international law firm, Withersworldwide, which has developed the regulatory framework and contractual aspects of this model, guaranteeing ownership of the Art Shares purchased.

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