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Purchasing art shares of high-value artworks is an easy way for established and budding art collectors to co-own works they otherwise may not have access to and diversify their portfolio of investments. The number of art shares selected corresponds to the percentage of the artwork owned.

We currently have a portfolio of four high-value artworks, including an embroidery by Alighiero Boetti. We've already sold three of the artworks, but you can still purchase Art Shares of the fourth by Marc Chagall below. Please get in touch with us here, if you would like to learn more about the other works in our portfolio.


Share price: £ 125.00 VAT incl.

This untitled gouache, made by the artist in his latest production phase, can be seen as a celebration of the symbolism of Chagall’s work and an emphasis of his emotional touch. In a dreamy, imaginative and surrealist landscape, the artist represents a fiddler and a floating cow immersed in an indistinct environment where it is possible to clearly distinguish the leaves of a tree. Connecting to Jewish culture, which has deeply influenced Chagall’s practice throughout his life, the fiddler, a vital presence in religious ceremonies and festivals, represents the communion with God, which is achievable through music and dance. On the other hand, the cow is the symbol of life par excellence, as are the leaves. These essential themes of the artist’s work have been celebrated in the most renowned of Chagall's paintings, such as 'The Green Violinist', 1926 (Oil on canvas - now at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York) and 'Cow with a Parasol', 1946 (Oil on canvas - now at MET Museum, New York).

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