Francesco Irnem


About the artist

Francesco Irnem (Rome, 1981) lives and works in Rome and New York. His work is developed starting from an investigation on sculpture and painting, focusing on the relationship between natural and artificial space. His artistic production begins with painting interpreted in a traditional way, and defining himself as fascinated by Renaissance and medieval art. The first works are characterized by a strong realism, maintaining at the same time a very conceptual cut, becoming a painting based on the "demagnetization" of the same. Through a process of making videos and distortion of the images with the use of a magnet, the output obtained is a general fragmentation of them, a work that focused on the processes of alteration of information content and digital. Subsequently, his interest shifted on the need of man to adapt to the environment that surrounds him using materials that come from the shipbuilding engineering (cement, resins, and concrete) often represented as invasive structures with respect to space and natural landscape.

Selected shows

  • Frammentazioni, Villa Blanc, LUISS, Collettivo Curatoriale LUISS Master of ART, Rome (2018); 
  • Crossbuilding, Galleria Cinquegrana, curated by Francesca Franco, Milan (2017); 
  • Forever never comes, Museo Archeologico, curated by Lapo Simeoni, Grosseto (2016); 
  • Canal 05, curated by Raffaele Gavarro, Bruxelles (2016); 
  • Questa è solo una promessa di felicità, Anna Marra Contemporanea, curated by Raffaele Gavarro, Rome (2015);
  • Centro-Periferia Venice Edition, Premio Federculture, Venice (2015);
  • Cosmogonie, Palazzo Collicola Arte Visiva, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Spoleto (2015); 
  • Centro, periferie, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (2014);
  • Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome (2014); 
  • Epipedon, Co2 Gallery, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Rome (2013); 
  • Floating architecture, Galleria Valentina Moncada, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Rome (2012);
  • Un certo sguardo, Galleria Altri lavori in corso, curated by Francesca Franco, Rome (2012); 
  • Centro periferia, Uffici Federculture, curated by Massimo Scaringella, Rome (2012); 
  • Deleted Corner, Galleria Altri Lavori in Corso, curated by Francesca FrancoValentina Moncada, Rome (2010); 
My work is the result of in-depth research, which includes references to electronics and physics, resulting in the perception of a vibration, originating from pure colour, which then transforms into an emotion felt by the observer.

More by the artist

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