Withers Meets Art: The Magic of Glass, A Glance Through Salviati’s Lens

Introducing the next episode in the 'Withers Meets Art' programme.

6 February, 2024

On February 21st, international law firm, Withersworldwide, will be opening a spectacular exhibition on Murano glass, organised and curated by London Trade Art, in collaboration with esteemed glass-manufacturer Salviati.

The show, which is part of LTArt’s ongoing ‘Withers Meets Art’ series, creates a dialogue between ancient Murano glass-making tradition and its contemporary expressions, thanks to a visual retrospective of iconic productions as well as of the most innovative design applications. In doing so, the exhibition aims to celebrate the key actors of this process, highlighting the collaboration with designers and the essential role of masters and the furnace’s teamwork. The show displays artefacts and objects as well as archival and documentary material on the production process.

It highlights the work of designers who laid the foundations for craft-design experimentation, such as Luciano Gaspari (1913-2007) and Sergio Asti (1926-2021), alongside more recent contemporary artists, such as Luca Nichetto (b. 1976).

‘The Magic of Glass’ leads the visitor into a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours that arise from each artist’s vision, also showing traditional production techniques, such as rigadin, and photographic materials aimed at reflecting Murano’s sublime power.

Through this exhibition, we celebrate local Venetian roots, and the relationship between tradition and innovation, connecting to Withers’ values of excellence, valorisation and local empowerment.

If you are in Padua and would like to attend the opening night of the exhibition, or you would like to learn more about the exhibition, then please contact us here. 

Aurelia Clavien

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Withers Meets Art: The Magic of Glass, A Glance Through Salviati’s Lens

Introducing the next episode in the 'Withers Meets Art' programme.

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