Fractional Ownership of Art: A presentation of LTArt's latest co-ownership project by Marc Chagall at Withers, London

In honour of Masterpiece week, London Trade Art and international law firm, Withersworldwide, were proud to present a stunning work by Marc Chagall, at a private breakfast event on Thursday, June 30th.

4 July, 2022

In honour of Masterpiece week, London Trade Art and international law firm, Withersworldwide, were proud to present a stunning work by Marc Chagall, which will soon be purchasable on the LTArt website in the form of art shares. The event included a talk on fractional ownership and the legal aspects involved as well as a presentation of the artist and his work, followed by a breakfast.

The talk began with an insightful introduction by Eleni Polycarpou, Partner and co-head of International Arbitration at Withers, which covered the past, present and future relationship between art and technology. She was followed by Francesca Barra, an IP&T Lawyer at Withers, on the legal aspects of NFTs and fractional ownership. LTArt Co-founder and CEO, Francesca Casirgahi, then discussed the model of fractional art ownership and how LTArt is applying NFTs therein as smart contracts, linked to relevant certification regarding co-ownership. To end, before accepting questions from the audience, Head of Marketing at LTArt, Aurelia Clavien, introduced LTArt's upcoming fractional ownership project, providing an overview of Marc Chagall's biography as well as his past performance in the art market.

From left to right: Eleni Polycarpou, Francesca Casiraghi and Francesca Barra

If you have any questions regarding any of the above aspects, then please feel free to contact us here.

You can now also easily join our waiting list, in order to be the first to hear once our new project launches, and/or reserve shares. Simply, fill out this form.

Aurelia Clavien

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