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About the artist

Frank Sweet (1998) is a digital artist and graphic designer based in London. He has been creating all his life and received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2020, which greatly influenced his digital art practice. Since graduating he has been working on developing his own unique art style, mainly inspired by his struggles with anxiety and loneliness. He creates distorted ‘out of this world’ scenes and imagery through the use of strong colours, shapes and solitary figures with the aim to bring comfort to viewers who have similar struggles.

Selected shows

SuperRare (2021). ‘I never really saw who I was’. 2.3ETH ($5,232).

SuperRare (2021). ‘I just don’t think about it much anymore’. 2.5ETH ($4,214)

SuperRare (2021). ‘A special place’. 3.5ETH ($5,236).

SuperRare (2021). ‘Make your choice’. 3.009ETH ($5,399)

Foundation (2021). ‘Every step feels like the wrong one’. 2ETH ($5,000)

Foundation (2021). ‘Would you wait for me?’ 2ETH ($3,595)

Opensea (2021). ‘Dig deep, can’t hide’. 2ETH ($3,595)

Opensea (2021). ‘Please, don’t be a stranger’. 1.5ETH

Opensea (2021). ‘Dreamland’. 1.2ETH

Opensea (2021). ‘Paranoia, paranoia’. 1.18ETH

Opensea (2021). ‘Entrance point’. 1.18ETH

Opensea (2021). ‘Within colour’ 1.17ETH

Bitski (2021). ‘Problems look small from here’. $2,000

Bitski (2021). ‘Is this the right way?’ 100 Editions. $50

Bitski (2021). ‘First person here’. 10 Editions. $200

Bitski (2021). ‘Trapped within’. 15 Editions. $50

SuperRare (2021). ‘I have no idea what this all means’. 1ETH ($1,932)

SuperRare (2021). ‘You’ve reached the end and you’re alone’. 0.7ETH ($970)

SuperRare (2021). ‘Into the tide’. 0.6ETH ($1,159)

SuperRare (2021). ‘Road to redemption’. 0.5ETH ($846)

SuperRare (2021). ’Slice of heaven’ 0.55ETH ($839)

SuperRare (2021). ‘Just starting my journey’. 0.25ETH ($317)

Makersplace (2020). ‘Eye of the storm’. $960

Makersplace (2020). ‘The Path’. 0.5ETH ($600)

Makersplace (2020). ‘The walk’. 0.25ETH ($300)

Makersplace (2020). ‘The Journey Begins’ 0.25ETH ($320)

Makersplace (2020). ‘The Other Side’. $100

My art depicts loneliness and isolation, the figures in my pieces often being solitary and surrounded by overwhelming colours and shapes. I aim to bring comfort to others feeling similar emotions through art.

More by the artist

Scared To Know Who’s Watching Me
£ 100.00 VAT incl.

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