LTArt’s Curated Portfolio of Prints & Multiples

If you are looking to acquire modern artworks by established artists, delve into LTArt's portfolio of selected high-quality prints and multiples. Works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalì, Alexander Calder and many others among the most renowned artists can be purchased submitting an enquiry on the LTArt's platform. The expertise offered by LTArt's team guarantees to find the artwork that fits your taste, preferences and goals best.

Make an enquiry now or contact us for any further assistance.


After selecting an artwork from LTArt’s ‘Prints and Multiples category’, users will be asked to submit an enquiry form. Once the form is received, LTArt’s staff will get in touch with the User in order to carry out the transaction offline. LTArt aims to provide as much information regarding the artwork as possible to support informed decision making.


LTArt’s experts believe in the potential of Prints and Multiples to perform well on the online market as well as in its aesthetics and historical significance. They give the opportunity to own authentic and high-quality works of art without necessarily making a big financial commitment. Prints might represent an entry point into the art market but, for many, the category has become a destination in itself. For aspiring art collectors and corporates intimidated by the impenetrable price points of the runaway train that is the contemporary art market, the prints market can be a smart art investment.


Accordingly to the HISCOX Online Art Trade report 2019, Prints and limited editions are still the dominant medium for millennial online art buyers, with 79% saying they had bought prints online in the last 12 months. Prints and multiples have carved a niche into the online art market, many being collected with the same fervor and resale promise as fine art originals but with the advantage of being more accessible and affordable investments.

Christian Rohlfs

Animals in the Pasture | Tiere auf der Weide

£ 1.580,00 (+ VAT)

Pablo Picasso

Greeting Card for Madoura Gallery

£ 1.580,00 (+ VAT)

Salvador Dalí

Henry VIII, from: Much Ado About Shakespeare (Shakespeare II)

£ 950,00 (+ VAT)

Sam Francis

Yunan, State III

£ 2.360,00 (+ VAT)

Marc Chagall

Angel with Sword, from: The Bible | L'ange à l’épée

£ 2.750,00 (+ VAT)

Massimo Campigli

Dancers | Danzatrici

£ 1.400,00 (+ VAT)

Alexander Calder

Composition with Black, Blue, Orange and Yellow

£ 2.360,00 (+ VAT)

Marc Chagall

The Opera, from: Derrière le Miroir | Le Opéra

£ 3.150,00 (+ VAT)

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