Rene Magritte

Untitled, from: Lien de Paille


Stamped, Signed and Numbered Aquatint on Japan Paper

27.8 x 23 cm / 11 x 9.1 in

£ 4.300,00 (+ VAT)



This aquatint is stamped signed “Magritte” with the artist’s stamp-signature in the lower right margin. It is hand numbered in pencil from the edition of 150, at the lower left margin. It is plate four (of four) in a series created to accompany the volume by Louis Scutenaire titled “Le Lien de Paille”. It was printed by Georges Visat based on an original colour sketch by the artist, at the Atelier Georges Visat, Paris in 1968. It was published by Editions Georges Visat, Paris in a limited edition of 150 impressions on Japan paper. A further 150 impressions were realised on Rives paper.


Libreria Prandi, Reggio

Literature: Kaplan, G. E. & Baum, T. (1982). The Graphic Work of René Magritte. New York: II Editions

Reference: Kaplan & Baum 19

Condition: Excellent condition. Remnants of previous hinging in the upper corners.


Rene Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist, born on November 21st, 1898. He was famous for depicting witty and powerful images depicting ordinary objects in unusual contexts, which later went on to influence Pop Art, Minimalist Art and Conceptual Art. He died on August 15th, 1967.


Rene Magritte

The Music Lesson or The Sound of the Bell | La Leçon de Musique or Son de Cloche

£ 5.500,00 (+ VAT)

Rene Magritte

Indiscreet Jewellery | Les bijoux indiscrets

£ 14.000,00 (+ VAT)

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