Diego Miguel Mirabella

Dawn finds you still in that position


Ceramic and steel

130 x 101 cm

£ 4.250,00 (+ VAT)




Fascinated by the Moroccan mosaic (Zellige) the artist developed “But me”, a project that brought him to work with local artisans in Fès. As a result of a significant experience, he gives words, sentences and drawings to the artisans who then translate them into islamic patterns. Transformed into art, language becomes an ornament.


Diego Miguel Mirabella (1988) was born in Enna (Italy). 

Lives and works in Bruxelles. Graduated in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. He is the co-founder of Limone space in London. His work is based on a study on poetry and language, in the attempt to translate those one into visual objects. His natural restlessness brings him to realize a heterogeneous body of works, that he organizes into diverse projects. In his artworks objects, sentences, drawings and images are in a continuous tension between hiding and revealing, creating as he says, “the necessary incidents to build a poem”. In many of his projects Mirabella makes use of other people's culture, imaginary and practices in order to push the borders of communication between him and them, creating artworks out of this conflict. 


Salvo me, Rome (2018);

La bocca arsa, l'Ascensore, Palermo (2018);

Prix mediatine, Mediatine, Bruxelles (2018);

Spectrum, Limone space, London (2018);

I shot mercury to make this exhibition, Nir Altman Gallery, Munich (2018);

Radieuse, Italian institute of culture in Bruxelles (2017);

Bodikon, Belmacz Gallery, London (2016);

You are invited. Content-curation/Spambot Aesthetics, Chalton Gallery, London (2016); The Habit of a Foreign Sky, FuturDome, Milan (2016);

Museo delle Palme, Orto botanico, Palermo (2015);

Trincee- lIl mondo in famme e la morte, Galleria La Nuova Pesa, Rome (2015);

10 years 60 th drawings, Fondazione pastificio cerere, Rome (2015);

MilanoRomaTorinoPalermo, Studi, Milano (2015);

Andiamo là, L'a project, Palermo (2014);

The grass grow, Basel (2014);

Art is real, Piazza Pasquino 69, Rome (2014);

Il peso della mia luce, Operativa artecontemporanea, Rome (2013);

Ortica, ex mattatoio, Rome (2013);

In ognuno di noi, Temple university, Rome (2012).



Prix Mediatine - mention - 2018 (BE);

Special prize, Spazio Cima - winner - 2017 (IT);

Premio combat - mention - 2012 (IT);

Factory ( Macro Testaccio) - mention - 2012 (IT);

Special Prize Clima.- Talent prize - 2017 (IT).


Diego Miguel Mirabella

I only like their fragility


Diego Miguel Mirabella

All’elogio fingo timidezza


Diego Miguel Mirabella

La mia insicura giornata a metà


Diego Miguel Mirabella

Gracefully falls

£ 3.000,00 (+ VAT)

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