Lapo Simeoni

Annunciazione 3


oil and ink on canvas

30 x 24 cm

£ 1.000,00 (+ VAT)



The artwork belongs to the ANNUNCIAZIONE PROJECT. The piece is the third of the series and represents a detail of the artwork  "Annunciazione tra i Santi Ansano e Massima" by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi.
After a period in which the artist kept distance from painting, he comes back with a series trying to find a spiritual connection with the beloved mother, who recently passed away. Over time, Lapo Simeoni has in many occasions explored the relationship between body and soul through many artistic tools. This series is a kind of spiritual and intimate research that the artist wants to face in this emotionally complicated period of his life.


Lapo Simeoni (1979) studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and currently lives and works in Berlin.

Through the use of recycled materials, furnitures, collages, paintings, photography, books and objects, he reconstructs narrations on the relationship between man and consumerism, thanks to an extensive process of transformation of materials, changing their original function. The artist works with images between past and present - photographs of monuments, logos and symbols of consonance, from old magazines, contemporary advertising and ancient artefacts or forgotten household objects. Then, Simeoni alters images and objects found by assembling and deconstructing, to develop a new vision of time and social transformation entirely ascribable to the contemporary.


Diorama / Napoli, Itragallery, Naples (2018);
Forever Never Comes, Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma (Grosseto, Italy) (2017);

Bonelli Lab Gallery, Canneto sull'Oglio Mantova (2017); 

Biennale de La Biche, Guadalupe island (2016);

Albornoz Museum, Narni; Reggia di Caserta (2016); 

Bocs Art, Cosenza (2015); 

The Gras Grows, Basel; The Format Gallery, Milan (2014); 

Kunstverein Kreis Gutersloh (Germany) (2013); 

De Krabbedans exposities, kunstinstuitleen, Eindhoven (Holland) (2012);

Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, Livorno (2012); 

Art Channel Gallery Beijing (China) (2008).


Lapo Simeoni


£ 1.000,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni


£ 4.000,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Things left unsaid #16

£ 850,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Things left unsaid #blu paul

£ 3.000,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Things left unsaid #17

£ 850,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Things left unsaid #13


Lapo Simeoni

Red Skin

£ 1.000,00 (+ VAT)

Lapo Simeoni

Holistic Time

£ 6.000,00 (+ VAT)

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