LTArt is a London based project aiming at creating new connections between art and finance. The mission is to offer the most advanced and diversified service for purchasing online high-quality artworks, entirely or even just in part, through three different models.

LTArt offers diverse options to buy art, depending on the users’ different needs: the marketplace allows to buy selected artworks directly online; the pooling investment allows to buy just a percentage in order to become co-owners of the pieces and physically hold them temporarily; while the art exchange permits to buy and sell intangible shares of artworks (art shares) in a liquid and transparent market.

The LTArt’s marketplace showcases selected Contemporary, Prints and Multiples artworks to be purchased directly online or by submitting an enquiry. Subject to LTArt’s verifications, art collectors and art professionals can also submit their artworks to be sold in the marketplace. See the conditions of sales here.

LTArt focuses on Prints and Multiples and Contemporary artworks. Aiming at providing a portfolio of artworks as much diversified as possible, the marketplace is composed by a selection of emerging as well as established artists. The pooling investment and art exchange phases, instead, focus only on high-value Contemporary, Prints and Multiples artworks and masterpieces.

LTArt is a complex and innovative project that requires a certain period of digestion from the art market. In order to create adaptability around the art co-ownership concept, the project has been split in 3 phases which will be progressively integrated until they will coexist.

LTArt aims to reach a heterogeneous target of clients. Firstly, the project is addressed to art lovers and art professionals and, through the introduction of the co-ownership options, LTArt’s model will be also suitable for corporates and people belonging to the finance industry. See the benefits provided to users here.

Art co-ownership means sharing the ownership of an artwork with other co-owners and represents the result of buying a percentage, instead of the entireness, of an artwork.

LTArt allows to become co-owners of artworks through two different models, represented by pooling investment and art exchange. See how they work here

Pooling investment provides a preliminary model of parcelling of artworks, allowing users to own a percentage of a specific artwork and to become co-owners of it. Users can select a percentage of interest and make an enquiry for it; if LTArt collects sufficient enquiries to reach a predetermined threshold, it will finalise the purchase offline. The art exchange allows instead not only to co-own artworks, but also to trade the art shares purchased within a digital platform that replicates the characteristics of the financial systems. On a primary market, users can make an enquiry to buy an amount of art shares of selected artworks; when a threshold is reached, the art shares will be then issued on the secondary market where the co-owners can trade them. Bid and offer prices will be constantly issued for each art share guarantying a liquid and simultaneous market.

An art share is a percentage of a high-value artwork that users will be able to buy and sell within the LTArt’s art exchange platform.

Co-owners will be able to access a temporary holding of the co-owned pieces, split the maintenance costs of the artworks, stored by a third party guarantor, and get possible dividends from the rental of the artworks to museums and institutions and eventually from the trading system.

LTArt will deduct a fee for each transaction occurred within the platform.

Users will receive a digital art certificate which will regulate the co-ownership, guarantee the authenticity of the artworks and allow the traceability of the pieces.

The artworks will be securely stored by a third party guarantor.

The LTArt’s team is composed by experts from both the art and finance industries. In particular, LTArt collaborates with the Hedge Fund Redhedge, in charge of supporting and supervising the development of the art exchange system.

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