Why collect art with London Trade Art?

At London Trade Art, we use digital innovation to serve as an ally for the art market. Our aim is to make art investment accessible to a wide range of clients by catering to diverse needs.

We provide alternative channels to collect art, either outright or in the form of NFT art shares, that can be beneficial to art institutions and new buyers alike. 

What We Offer

Start collecting art

Our expert team will work with you to better understand your budget and preferences, in order to provide you with the best bespoke solutions to start your art collecting journey.

Purchase art outright

Benefit from a bespoke art consultancy and researched online art gallery, consisting of modern prints by prominent artists and contemporary pieces by established, widely exhibited artists. 

Become an art co-owner

Thanks to fractional ownership, become a co-owner of your favourite artworks! LTArt offers the possibility to buy shares of high-value artworks, allowing you to surprise clients and friends by temporarily holding the works at home or work.

Save time

Want to expand your art collection? Rather than having to contact multiple art galleries, save time and confusion by simply heading to LTArt. From physical art to NFTs art, our contemporary and digital art portfolios offer any art lover a broad selection of physical and digital artworks.

Purchase art outright or become a fractional owner

Scroll through our online portfolio of unique works by emerging and established artists, purchasable outright directly from our site. Alternatively, diversify your art collection through our fractional ownership service, which also allows you to enjoy the temporary holding of a co-owned artwork.

Seek advice

London Trade Art is your guide tocollecting art. Benefit from our offline fine art advisory, where our experienced team will provide professional advice on how to enhance your collection and meet your objectives. 

Partner with London Trade Art

We understand your needs and objectives, factoring this into everything we do. 

Expand your network

Offer a selection of your artworks to be sold in shares, allowing you to increase sales and meet a new target of customers.

Reach Customers Online

Benefit from the digital LTArt marketplace, allowing you to overcome some of the technological barriers you may be facing when selling your artworks online.

Reach new customers

Provide a portfolio of your artworks to LTArt private collectors and corporate clients in the context of bespoke art advisories and corporate art programmes. 

Enhance your CSR

Develop a bespoke art programme, composed of a series of art exhibitions and related events, such as talks and conferences, focused on your corporate values.

Expand your network

Benefit from vast press coverage provided by LTArt, which will ensure a valuable return in terms of corporate image and the ability to expand your network of clients. 

Diversify your collection

London Trade Art is your ultimate art collecting guide: benefit from a bespoke art consultancy provided by our team. We manage corporate art collections through private acquisitions and offer the possibility of purchasing percentages of artworks. 

Stay Informed

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