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London Trade Art is a visionary project which offers a diversified art investment service with the aim of developing a new approach to collecting art through the innovative model of fractional ownership. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, be they corporates, art lovers or art collectors, looking for advice on how to diversify their portfolio of investments or create a high-quality, curated art collection.

We achieve this by tailoring to the specific needs of our clients, offering bespoke art investment solutions both on- and offline. 

Our professional services help you collect artwork, invest in art shares and benefit from the advice of our fine art advisory.

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Browse our selection of contemporary artworks or multiples and art prints online
Select your favourites
You can add them to your shopping bag, if available, or easily make an online enquiry.
Check out by making an online Payment
If you made an enquiry, we will aim to get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.
Browse our pioneering Pooling Investment projects
Decide on the amount of NFTs you would like to reserve
This represents the percentage of the artwork you would like to invest in.
Reserve you NFTs by making an online enquiry
Complete your purchase once the project is live
Once you have completed your purchase, you will be sent a digital certificate, which has been created and regulated by Withersworldwide and guarantees fractional ownership of the artwork. You will also automatically receive your NFTs.
Relax knowing the artwork is safe
Your work will be stored with a guarantor. Alternatively, as a fractional owner, you can also benefit from temporarily holding the artwork.
Benefit from potential dividends
Our commitment is to exhibit the artwork through temporary exhibitions and leases, allowing you to benefit from potential dividends.
Contact our team
Are you looking for an art investment guide? Submit an online enquiry, stating what it is that you would like our help with (i.e. expanding your art collection, diversifying your portfolio of investments, etc.).
We aim to answer all enquiries within 48 hours
We will review your needs together with you and create a bespoke proposal to meet your initiatives.
Review our bespoke proposal in your own time
Select from the options proposed. We are also happy to discuss other options with you, if you do not find the ones proposed to your liking.
Make a purchase
Easily purchase your chosen artwork or art shares, either online or offline.


We’re developing an Art Exchange, which aims to bridge the gap between art and finance by making it easy to buy and sell art shares within a transparent and dynamic market. Through this platform, you will have the possibility to become fractional owners of artwork and trade them online. Discover how it works here.

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