#SlimeSeries: An Exhibition by Gabriella Anouk

In partnership with London Trade Art, contemporary artist Gabriella Anouk will be exclusively presenting works from her #SlimeSeries, purchasable as NFTs and physical art prints, in London on Tuesday, January 25th.

19 January, 2022

Following our previous support of contemporary artist Gabriella Anouk's work, 'Peachy', at the HFC Gala, which raised funds to fight child abuse in the UK, in November 2021, we are proud to announce another collaboration with her, which will start with an exclusive exhibition on Tuesday, January 25th. During the exhibition, Gabriella will be presenting works from her #SlimeSeries to the public for the first time. Based on the original artworks of the Slime series, LTArt has collaborated with Gabriella on the creation of the animated NFTs, which will be purchasable on the LTArt website. Together with each NFT, collectors will also receive the first A1 print of Gabriella's limited edition of 20 original prints. 

Gabriella is a contemporary artist creating hyperrealist artwork with a twist. After many years of drawing commissions, she developed her new expressive Slime Series. Gabriella has worked in many different media and methodologies over the years. During the past 12 months, she developed her hyperrealism expression using pencil techniques which require hundreds of hours of dedicated time to complete each piece. Over the past year Gabriella has also explored and developed her creativity across a number of digital platforms and is hugely influential and inspirational introducing many of her followers to art, and in particular her art practice and the development of her Slime Series. Gabriella is inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali. She particularly loves Dali’s ‘nuclear-mysticism’ phase, assimilating scientific knowledge and mysticism, his technical skill, precise craftsmanship and the striking and bizarre images in his work bordering on absurdism. 

Gabriella Anouk, 'Banana Blue', 2022

Gabriella’s Slime Series features 5 original works, inspired by the everyday emojis we have grown accustomed to using. All are float mounted in high-quality hand-made frames with non-reflective glass. Those attending the exhibition will get exclusive access to the purchase of the works in the series as NFTs, with the original print (1/20) included, before they are made public on the LTArt website.

Stay tuned for more information on the exhibition and the upcoming launch on the LTArt website soon!

Aurelia Clavien

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