In the first episode of The LTArt Office Tour, we guide you through the works of Diego Miguel Mirabella that are currently on display at our London headquarters.

14 May, 2021

Following on from our last webinar on how art can ease the transition back to office life, our team is delighted to introduce The LTArt Office Tour, a two-part series where we take guide you through some of the artworks currently on display at our London headquarters. First stop: the works of Diego Miguel Mirabella.

In many of his projects, Diego Miguel Mirabella uses other people's cultures, imagination and practices to push the borders of communication between him and them, creating artworks out of this conflict. His vibrant mosaics take us on a journey to Morocco, where Diego worked with local artisans to create impressive works of visual poetry.

Click on the video below to embark on our video tour, and stay tuned for Part 2, where we will be exploring the works of Laura Santamaria.

Léonore Simon

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