Women in Cryptoart: An Exclusive Interview with Gabriella Anouk

Ahead of the launch of her 5 animated NFTs and in honour of International Women's Day, contemporary artist Gabriella Anouk tells us about her latest project and what it means to be a female cryptoartist today.

7 March, 2022

Gabriella Anouk is a contemporary artist creating hyperrealism artwork with a twist using only colouring pencils. After many years of drawing commissions, she developed her new expressive Slime Series during the Covid-19 pandemic and shared her artistic journey on TikTok and Instagram. Gabriella developed an engaged fanbase of 400k+ who helped inspire her unique approach and style and she continues to engage with them as she develops the next series in her practice. In collaboration with London Trade Art, Gabriella has created 5 animated NFTs and is offering them for purchase, along with their corresponding A1 original print (1/20), on the LTArt website. Ahead of her launch and in line with International Women's Days, we caught up with her to discuss her project and ask her what it means to be a female artist within the cryptoart space today.

We’re very excited to launch your project tomorrow! Could you please tell us a bit more about it?

I started to share my artworks on TikTok during lockdown as it was the only real way my art could reach and connect with the outside world. I quickly fell in love with how natural it felt sharing my process and finished work digitally. I’d previously shared my art on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook but TikTok really took off which led me to explore different ways I could share my physical artworks in the ever-changing and exciting digital world. I kept seeing and hearing about ‘NFTs’ and after a little (a lot - still ongoing, most likely never-ending) research, I was hooked! My drawings are physical art pieces so being able to transform them into a digital asset is such an exciting concept for me. I’d never approached digital art wholeheartedly like this before but I’m so glad I did.