Scared To Know Who’s Watching Me

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3000 x 3500 pixels

This animated artwork displays a solitary figure walking forward, having just walked down the path behind him, where he emerged from a bright, shining light. There is also a large eye above that has been watching him walk the path, following his every move. The piece was created to display the artist's own personal fear and anxieties around breaking ‘the path’ he is on, feeling as though someone is watching each step he takes.

Medium: Digital art, photo manipulation, vector art, animation

Frank Sweet (1998) is a digital artist and graphic designer based in London. He has been creating all his life and received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2020, which greatly influenced his digital art practice. Since graduating he has been working on developing his own unique art style, mainly inspired by his struggles with anxiety and loneliness. He creates distorted ‘out of this world’ scenes and imagery through the use of strong colours, shapes and solitary figures with the aim to bring comfort to viewers who have similar struggles.

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