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Animated NFT

'Peachy' was inspired by the cheeky peach emoji and by some beautiful peaches in Gabriella’s fruit bowl during the first lockdown in 2020. She loved the idea of creating the furry texture of a peach with the sensual addition of see-through slime, which resulted in a sexy image that is loved by women and men alike and is probably her most sought-after artwork.

In collaboration with LTArt, this is the first-ever animated NFT created by the artist ad hoc for the Help For Children gala, which is currently celebrating 15 years of HFC's efforts to fight child abuse in the UK. The size of the NFT is 2,160 x 2,880 pixels. It was inspired by the original drawing, from which she created a limited edition of 20 prints. The first of these prints (1/20) is being sold alongside the NFT.

Gabriella is a contemporary artist creating hyperrealism artwork with a twist using only colouring pencils. After many years of drawing commissions, she developed her new expressive Slime Series during the Covid-19 pandemic and shared her artistic journey on TikTok and Instagram. Gabriella developed an engaged fanbase of 300k+ who helped inspire her unique approach and style and she continues to engage with them as she develops the next Series in her practice.

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