Nude women with mirror | femmes nues au miroir

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Original Hand Signed and Numbered Drypoint and Aquatint on Auvergne Wove Paper
51.50 x 43.00 cm

This etching is hand-signed in pencil by the artist 'Picasso' in the lower right margin.

It is also hand-numbered in pencil, from the edition of 50 at the lower left margin.

It is dated in the plate '9.3.65' (9th March 1965).

It was printed in 1968 in an edition of 50 signed and numbered impressions.

The paper bears the Auvergne Richard de Bas watermark in the lower right corner.


1. Bloch, G. (1968). Pablo Picasso: Tome I, Catalogue of the Printed Graphic Work 1904-67. Bern: Editions Kornfeld et Klipstein.

Reference: Bloch 1208.

2. Baer, B. (1994). Picasso: Peintre-Graveur, Tome IV, Catalogue Raisonne de l’OEuvre Grave et des Monotypes, 1959-1965. Bern: Editions Kornfeld.

Reference: Baer 1190.

Condition: Very good.

Born in Malaga, Spain, in 1881, Pablo Picasso is a Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist and printmaker. Father of cubism with George Braque and surrealism advocate, Pablo Picasso made his mark in art history through his revolutionary techniques, art and political positioning. Pablo Picasso is considered to be one of the most iconic artists of the XXth century with approximately 50000 artworks produced during his lifetime.

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