London Trade Art aims to remain at the forefront of digital change in the art world by applying new, cutting-edge technology to the art market. For the first time, London Trade Art offers a portfolio of both digital and physical artworks, purchasable by shares in the form of NFTs. Each Art Share is purchasable through the model of co-ownership and is linked to a unique, irreproducible NFT.

25.000 euro

Lapo Simeoni's cutting-edge project, '25.000 euro', is a perfect visual representation of the bridge between art and finance. The market value of the artwork is £25,000, which has been split into 100 individual art shares of £250 each. The artwork consists of a transparent bag placed within a Plexiglas case. It contains a total of €25,000 in €20 bills, which were chopped by the Bundesbank before being collected by the artist.

Each art share has been linked to an NFT using blockchain technology, which will automatically be issued to the buyer once the payment is finalised. 

Scared To Know Who’s Watching Me

This animated artwork displays a solitary figure walking forward, having just walked down the path behind him, where he emerged from a bright, shining light. There is also a large eye above that has been watching him walk the path, following his every move. The piece was created to display the artist's own personal fear and anxieties around breaking ‘the path’ he is on, feeling as though someone is watching each step he takes.

Medium: Digital art, photo manipulation, vector art, animation

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