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Le cose nascono dalla necessità e dal caso

Share price: £ 125.00 VAT incl.

This stunning high-value artwork, titled 'Le cose nascono dalla necessità e dal caso', is the perfect representation of the uniqueness of Alighiero Boetti’s work. Thirty-six colourful and bright letters embroidered on canvas transform an artist’s message into art, creating a fascinating wordplay.

The piece, signed by the artist and registered at the official Archive (n. 9752), is made even more valuable by the tribute to the people of Afghanistan with the words, 'to Afghans, by Afghans', written by Boetti on the back of the artwork. Indeed, Boetti took inspiration for his research from Afghan embroiderers, directly involving them in the art-making process.

It is also the first time that this 1989 piece enters the art market, where it is so rare to find a piece of the same level of quality and size available for purchase.

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