We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new fractional ownership project, 'Untitled' by Marc Chagall. The work is valued at £125,000 and will be split into 1,000 shares worth £125 each. Contact us to find out more about the artwork or reserve your art shares ahead of the big launch.

The ABCs of Art Collecting

London Trade Art is proud to introduce 'The ABCs of Art Collecting: LTArt's Guide to Art Ownership'. The aim of this guide is to help established and budding art collectors make more informed choices when it comes to owning art.⁠

Become An Exclusive Co-Owner Of High-Value Artwork

Through the model of fractional ownership based on NFT Art Shares, LTArt gives collectors, private individuals and companies the possibility to become art co-owners by buying just a share of an entire piece of art. Each of these shares, represented by smart contracts, has been linked to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) using blockchain technology, which will automatically be issued to the buyer once the trade is finalised. LTArt’s mission is to make art ownership more accessible, whilst also introducing an alternative way to diversify the investment portfolio.

Why Collect Art?

Art is often defined as a safe haven asset: it is a value preserving asset-class, especially in times of economic and financial turmoil. Like gold, artworks are less susceptible to risks associated with financial market crashes than stocks and bonds. Because of its intrinsic value as a luxury item, art is able to rebound and even grow faster than traditional asset classes in response to economic crises.

What Does It Mean?

This dynamic has been highlighted by the 2008 financial crash. While the Artnet index for the Top 100 Artists bounced back and even outperformed its 2008 peak within two years of the drop, the S&P 500 took five years to recover, only regaining its strength by 2013. These data demonstrate the capability of artworks by Blue-chip artists, such as Boetti or Chagall, whose positions within the market have been consolidated by exceptional sales volumes over the course of several years, retaining their value during economic downturns. Between 2019 and 2021, the Artnet Index for the Top 100 Artists displayed a considerable positive return over time, consistently outpacing the S&P 500 in growth, proving the strength of the market at a general time (Deloitte Art&Finance, 2021).

Art Shares

Alighiero Boetti
Le cose nascono dalla necessità e dal caso
£ 125.00 VAT incl.
Sold out

Our Committment

We are committed to adding value to the artworks we offer by circulating them within the art market and allowing all co-owners the possibility of temporarily holding the artwork. Our mission is to not only democratise the market, so that everyone may have the opportunity to own a piece of high-value art, but to also make art more accessible to a wider audience, circulating our artworks around museums and various exhibitions, in order to further support the fruition of artworks which may otherwise simply be stored in caveaux.

Private Event: LTArt Presents Its Latest Fractional Ownership Project at Withersworldwide Milan

To mark the launch of their upcoming fractional ownership project, LTArt held a private event at international law firm Withersworldwide in Milan.

#SlimeSeries: An Exhibition by Gabriella Anouk

In partnership with London Trade Art, contemporary artist Gabriella Anouk will be exclusively presenting works from her #SlimeSeries, purchasable as NFTs and physical art prints, in London on Tuesday, January 25th.

Gabriella Anouk and LTArt at the HFC Gala 2021

London Trade Art is proud to announce its collaboration with hyperrealism artist Gabriella Anouk in support of the 2021 Help for Children Gala, which celebrates 15 years of HFC’s efforts to fight child abuse in the UK.


Our first Pooling Investment project is now live! Become a co-owner of an amazing contemporary artwork through the purchase of NFTs.


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In the first episode of The LTArt Office Tour, we guide you through the works of Diego Miguel Mirabella that are currently on display at our London headquarters.

Fiddlers, Donkeys and More: Exploring the Symbolism Behind Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall notoriously denied ever intentionally using symbolism in his art; however, many experts and admirers have sought to attribute meaning to his popular motifs. In this article, we explore some of the main interpretations.

Lost in a Daydream: An Introduction to Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is recognised internationally for his poetic and dreamlike art. In this article, we dive into Chagall's history and 75-year-long career, which amounted to an astounding 10,000 artworks.

Interview with Art Money: Democratising Art Ownership Together

Our partnership with Art Money is helping us further accomplish our mission of making art as accessible as possible. Our Head of Marketing, Aurelia Clavien, interviews Angela Roldán, Head of Sales at Art Money, to discuss how the company is democratising art ownership.

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LTArt CEO Francesca Casiraghi discusses a new partnership with Bobby Console-Verma, CEO of 1fs Wealth.

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Our Chief Art Officer, Jessica Tanghetti, takes us on a tour of miart 2022, highlighting the key pieces that caught her eye.

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London Trade Art Magazine dives into the sixth edition of the Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report.

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